5 BLUE ocean modern keys

now that one of the worst years ever has ended, it is time to up your collecting game. instead of diving into the Red Ocean, let’s take a look at 5 modern books that are sitting in the blue Waters. In case you are new to our blogs or forgot, let me refresh your memory on Red and Blue ocean books.

Red ocean books are the ones that everyone is after. They are in what we call bloody waters because the prices have spiked due to their high demand. Blue ocean books are the complete opposite. These are books that might have been hot but have cooled down. They also are books that people are just not paying any attention to at the moment.  Either way, Blue ocean is where you want to be to snag the best deals.

Here are 5 Blue ocean modern books you may want to keep an eye on…

First appearance of Omega Red

I have mentioned X-Men #4 many times before. With talks of the X-Men hitting the MCU down the line this is a book to grab right away. Besides Sabretooth, Omega Red is one of Wolverine’s greatest enemies. His arc in the 90’s cartoon kept us all on our toes wondering what will happen next. The rumor mills already mentioned a possible appearance in the Black Widow movie, whenever it comes out. I can personally see him being an integral part down the line once the X-Men join the Feige MCU.

Although last month showed sales hitting about $170, they have been on the decline. FMV is $130 but recent sales show you can snag one up for about $110. look for deals and sales. I suggest grabbing a few copies of this raw and hold on to them, but don’t let it break the bank.

First Cover appearance of war Machine

Don’t be confused, Iron man #282 is the first cover appearance, not the first appearance of the war machine Armor. It first appeared as Iron man Armor model 11 in Iron man #281. However, this is the book many collectors always refer to and want. Feige dropped some news about a new show called Armor Wars, meaning this book might start to spike. That being said, I want to point out Rhodey didn’t use the armor till Iron man #284. In addition, the codename war machine wasn’t used till West coast Avengers #94, even though the armor itself is called the war machine Armor.

Currently, the FMV is $180 for a 9.8 grade, but if you look at recent sales on the eBay machine, you can see many raw copies have been sold with prices ranging between $25 -$60. I say the time to buy is now and then sit on it for a little.

First appearance of Bane

Out of all the villains Batman has ever had, Bane is one of those you will never forget. He broke his back and even killed Alfred. We have heard that Matt Reeves will be focusing on the original villains of Batman, but this is where it’s at. Don’t get me wrong Tom Hardy did an amazing job as Bane. I just feel like there could have been more to his story. plus with everything getting reboots, Bane can see a comeback. I wouldn’t say go crazy and buy up every copy, but having a few wouldn’t hurt.

FMV for a 9.8 Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 is $350, but if you drop to a 9.6 it is $160. However, on eBay a 9.4 sold on 12/27/20 for just $87! like I said deals can be made and are out there. just do some research, put in the work, and you can get a sweet book for cheap.

First appearance of X-23, Laura Kinney

X-23 is considered to be the daughter of Wolverine. She even ended up taking the same name as him. We are seeing the younger generations of superheroes starting to take up the mantle of their predecessors. This means that there is a chance of X-23 making a big come back down the line. This is important especially considering she was part of the X-Men, the Avengers Academy, and X-Force.

Okay, so NYX #3 is not a cheap book by far. The FMV is $925 for a 9.8. However, December has seen some sales in the same grade for about $100 less. since many are not talking about her, the price to grab it has dropped a little. even on eBay, you can find multiple copies for much less than the FMV. If rumors start sparking about her, be ready to see the prices skyrocket.

New Avengers #7 – first team appearance of the Illuminati

Here is another one from the rumor mills. Supposedly Feige is working on bringing forth the secret team of the Illuminati. This team consisted of Tony Stark, Dr. Strange, Black Bolt, professor X, Namor, and Reed Richards. Some have appeared in the MCU already with others slated to come down the line. The biggest issue is that Tony Stark is dead in the MCU. However, with his BARF technology, there is a workaround. Remember, this team was mostly a think tank above all else.

New Avengers #7 is an easy grab due to its low FMV. A 9.8 has an FMV of $110 but has been selling for much less. If you go looking for raw copies it could save you potentially even more. like I have said many times, trying going for a very nice raw copy and then you can have it graded down the line if it is worth it.

Bottom Line

If modern keys are your niche, then here are some great granull

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