Conan the Barbarian is a traditional fantasy hero a cut above all others. produced by Robert E. Howard in a pulp magazine in the 1930s. This Cimmerian brute dominated the fantasy genre of the 1970s with none other than Frank Frazetta cover on little paperbacks. marvel acquired the rights to the comics as well as published savage Sword of Conan, Conan the Barbarian as well as even King Conan to name a few. however for numerous years now there has been no Conan the Barbarian. just recently in a in shape of undeniable genius, marvel really started a new Conan the Barbarian series. even much more flabergasting they really selected a writer who gets what Conan is as well as much more significantly provides the fans what they want; some darn great writing.

Conan the Barbarian #1

This comic is written by Jason Aaron. His composing is fresh, draws you into the story, it feels like you are viewing a movie. The action is fantastic as well as the thesis of each story makes you want the next story. Aaron is a top slayer in the world of fantasy writers to be sure. helping him in this venture is Mahmud A. Asrar (Uncanny X-men, as well as All-Different Avengers) his art is worth inspecting out, it has type of a Buscema/Frazetta mix to it that makes you stop as well as confirm you aren’t reading a savage Sword magazine from the 1970s. This team will single-handedly revive rate of interest in a Conan movie, as well as or Conan series. now in my humble opinion, marvel might truly have a fantastic series on their hands as well as take up the slack from a specific show that is about to go into the history books as a top fantasy epic. From the speculator perspective, this will make all things Conan hot.

Conan the Barbarian # 1I (Sienkiewicz Variant Limited)

This is a 1 for 200 seller reward variant the cover does rock as well as is done by expense Sienkiewicz. It is currently selling on one comic book site for $227 grade 9.2 near mint minus. just as Conan carves his method with experience we should cut away the excess as well as get down to the purely lucrative play.

Short-Term Return:

Grade 9.8 $110 FMV with five overall sales with a return of unfavorable -38%

The seller variant has is skewed; because of restricted sales. however does show exactly how challenging the recent Age of comics is to invest in.




Conan the Barbarian #1 (1970)

This is the very first comic book appearance of Conan the Barbarian as well as likewise his origin story. This book was produced in 1970 by Roy Thomas (writer) as well as Barry Windsor-Smith (pencils). The present CGC stock is sensible with space to breath at 3454 problems outstanding. Also, from the numbers below you can clearly see that a near mint minus can still return +50% for an investor. That is a truly great return on a fairly little investment of $625. This is one of those books from the Bronze Age that just gets much better with age. It will continue to boost in value. I believe there is a big appetite for fantasy genre in comics as well as the larger world at large.




Long-Term Returns (10,000 sales max)

Grade 9.8 $4900 FMV returns positive +1%

Grade 9.2 $625 FMV returns positive +50%

Grade 8.0 $325 FMV returns positive +36.4%

Grade 6.5 $230 FMV returns positive +84.1%



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