Keanu Reeves’s new BRZRKR Comic book Releases new images and It’s violent As hell

Keanu Reeves is a person that does it all. The man has had many comebacks in his career. and he continues to push the envelopes of how a successful motion picture occupation works. and now, he’s seeking to expand on that occupation by entering a new creative arena. Reeves is writing a new comic book series about an immortal warrior, created after his own appearance. Keanu Reeves’s new BRZRKR comic book images reveal a bloody and violent story. and it looks interesting as hell!

BRZRKR Comic book images reveal A violent Story

image by means of Boom! Studios.

The new comic book from Reeves is all about chronicling the life of an immortal warrior. After centuries of various adventures, the character of Berzerker wants to end his life. The character is a half-God and half-Mortal who has been alive and having violent adventures for centuries. The story follows his journey to find out a lot more about his own origins. ultimately he teams up with the us government to take on the jobs that no one else wants. The story is a cross between Wolverine and John Wick, which kind of sounds like the coolest thing ever. and the new BRZRKR comic book images from Bleeding cool showcase just how bloody and gory the series promises to be. 


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Reeves’ writing Is the most Anticipated part Of The new Series

image by means of Boom! Studios.

The action and gore may be the appeal for casual audiences into this new series. However, for me, it’s a lot more about Reeves writing that I’m ecstatic to see. The actor has been in many movies, lots of of them famous when it pertains to film history. So to see how such an actor crafts his own story, and that too something in the genre niche, is going to be interesting as hell. The BRZRKR comic book series also comes from Matt Kindt, Ron Garney, bill Crabtree, and Clem Robins. The series has already raised a lot more than $1.4 million through Kickstarter with lots of backing the new series. 

BRZRKR is available for pre-order ideal now, and releases on February 24, 2021. 

Are you ecstatic to see comic book series from Keanu Reeves? let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image by means of Boom! Studios.

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