Agents of Khaos – An extensive preview of ‘ABC Warriors: The Mek data 02’ from 2000 ad

They’re resistant to atomic, bacterial as well as chemical warfare – however the ABC Warriors have to deal with much worse in the long-unavailable stories Khronicles of Khaos as well as Hellbringer!

Having saved the world from destruction, the ABC Warriors have selected to dedicate themselves to Deadlock’s anarchic religion. To ended up being true agents of Khaos, they must very first travel to the world Hekate, collecting seven heads as well as a seventh team member before The night of The Blood Moon.

Will the power of Khaos be sufficient to stop the Terran empire from obliterating them with their deadly weapon, The Hellbringer?

Co-written by Pat Mills (Marshal Law, Nemesis the Warlock) as well as Tony Skinner (Accident Man, Sex Warrior), this volume of the Mek data features the sumptuous, fully-painted artwork of Kev walker (Judge Dredd, marvel Zombies).

Enjoy this extensive preview by clicking on the pictures for a larger version.

Available in all high quality comic shops right now!

ABC Warriors: The Mek data 02 HC, Pat Mills & Tony Skinner (W), Kev walker (A) • 2000 AD, £25

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