Dear fellow collector,

I’d like to address you with a disclaimer about a few of my upcoming selling activities, because I’m both the founder and CEO of GoCollect. because we report the values of lots of of the kinds of collectibles I’ll be selling, I want to make sure I supply clearness and transparency around my newest adventure.

My name is Jeff Meyer. like many of you, I as well collect comics (Golden Age classic covers are my favs). but it doesn’t stop there. I’m not sure I could make a detailed list of all the goodies I like to search down and claim as my own. I particularly like to find large collections that have archival importance, but you can normally find me at different antiques and collectibles stores on any given day, in any given city. To say I have an addiction would be an understatement. I absolutely like collecting, organizing, documenting, and sharing these treasures.

The time has come for me to sell lots of of the pieces I’ve held dear. You see, I’ve made a considerable investment in the GoCollect organization. To date, we are not yet a lucrative company. When I first chose to hire a team of experts to help build this into a business, I dedicated $2M to bring us to break-even. I’ve reached (and exceeded) that investment. But, because I strongly believe in the future success of GoCollect, I’m charging forward boldly!

I’ve halted the majority of my collectibles purchasing to justify even more investment in GoCollect, its improvement, and its expansion. I’ve also chose to pour fuel on that terminate by converting large parts of my collections into fresh capital that will be used to expand the GoCollect efforts. To do that, I’ve hired a little workforce to coordinate all of my selling activities under the brand name rare Orchard.

Rare Orchard is getting started by selling with the eBay manage @rareorchard and there will soon be a site devoted to different galleries of lots of higher valued items. You can also track the insights and selling activities of that company with the Instagram manage @rareorchard. Finally, you can follow my own personal adventures down this path with my Instagram manage @jeffatgollect.

I will also be selling with different auction homes like Heritage Auctions, Psychedelic Art Exchange, ComicConnect, SF rock Posters, and several others. I will also be working with different brick and mortar sellers, beginning in our hometown of Charlotte, NC.

It can be tough to decipher the products with auction homes that have come from my personal collections, while adhering to different privacy policies. However, there are currently 2 pedigree/collection names that I have been directly connected with – The Carolina Collection for video games and The Ultrasounds Collection for concert posters. lots of of the products from these collections are acknowledged by different grading companies, but I am never involved in, nor attempt to influence, the individual grades that these products may receive.

Please note that pieces from each of these acknowledged collections are frequently bought, sold, and traded outside of my initial involvement. normally speaking however, the first auction or sale of an item from one of these collections is normally my own personal selling activity or activity with rare Orchard, where I am the sole owner.

Finally, I want to clearly specify that I have no interest in utilizing the GoCollect platform to promote sales of my own items. However, I do want to make it remove that different personnel members, blog authors, and guest publishing retailers/auctioneers may comment on different activities where products I am selling (or may have previously sold) are involved. any such activity would be the independent thoughts and opinions of the company or individual reporting the information and, whenever possible, will be highly scrutinized by our personnel prior to release to make sure proper disclaimers are in place where the intersection of my products and the GoCollect organization are concerned.

I wholeheartedly appreciate your time and attention here. feel complimentary to comment below with your own concerns or issues and I will do my finest to answer where appropriate.

Jeff Meyer
Founder & CEO – GoCollect

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