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KC Carlson

A KC COLUMN by KC Carlson

Here’s some cool comic book things happening this week…

Archie and Katy Keene #1 (AKA Archie #710). Cover by Laura Braga

Archie and Katy Keene #1 (aka Archie #710) (Archie Comics) — Hey, Archie! There’s a new girl in town! and if you’re not careful, you and teen model Katy Keene may be trapped in a new romantic Rectangle (with long-time flames Betty & Veronica). Oh, this doesn’t look good… Written by Mariko Tamaki and Kevin Panetta and illustrated by Laura Braga. and hey — this comic is debuting just before the start of the Katy Keene TV series on The CW (which happens February 6)!

Hellboy winter special 2019

Hellboy winter special 2019 (Dark Horse) — This 30-page one-shot features three special holiday tales staring Hellboy by creator Mike Mignola; writers Chris Roberson and Scott Allie; artists mark Laszio, Leila del Duca, and Andrea Mutti; colorists Dave Stewart, Michelle Madsen, and Lee Loughridge — plus, a cover by Mignola! things to look for: a ghostly miser in an alternate reality, the Boogam of rural new York, and a chance to embrace the wrath of St. Hagan! pretty scary, eh kids!

Iron man 2020 #1

Iron man 2020 (Marvel Comics) — Wow! I got a little behind in my reading and all this happens! There’s a new clear and present danger to mankind, and of course, there’s a Stark behind it. You may not believe it, but Arno Stark IS Iron Man! Written by Dan Slott with art by Pete woods and Christos N. Gage. plus there’s a special fifth color on the cover, for those folks who still care about such things. (It makes my eyes vibrate — and not in a good way…)

Jessica Jones: Blind spot #1

Maybe I’m having eye problems because marvel seems fixated on them this month. The critically acclaimed marvel digital original series Jessica Jones: Blind spot is now released as a print series! Written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Mattia De Iulis (with covers by Valerio Giangiordano). once upon a time, Jessica Jones was a costumed superhero called jewel (and her costume was as awful as that name). Basically, she sucked at being a super-person, so currently she’s a private investigator at her own firm — Alias Investigations — which makes her (and the reader) much happier. until her past comes knocking when a woman whose case she messed up winds up dead on her office floor — and she goes from private investigator to being the prime suspect!

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #7

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #7 (of 12) (DC Comics) — If one Jimmy Olsen wasn’t weird enough, this issue stars five different versions of him. (AKA more bang for your bucks!) but what about Jimmy’s brother Jamie and sister Janey? Yeah… what about them? It’s painfully obvious that writer Matt fraction and artist Steve Lieber currently have nothing better to do. (Yay!)

DC crisis on infinite Earths giant #1

DC crisis on infinite Earths giant #1 (DC Comics) — This 100-Page giant features 24 pages of new stories amongst its classic reprints, which supposedly include (presumably, as there’s no actual info on what it reprints), the first chapter(s?) of DC’s reality-altering, universe-destroying, continuity makeover.


KC CARLSON: only five Jimmy Olsens? Where is the legion of Jimmy Olsens? hundreds of Jimmy Olsens from all over the cosmos! Heck, Jimmy was actually in the legion of Super-Heroes (If you didn’t blink…). It seems that DC is short-changing us on Jimmy Olsens…. Where is Mort Weisinger when you really need him?… If DC’s not careful, marvel might actually lure Jimmy over to working for them. (Stranger things have happened. anybody remember giant Turtle boy Jimmy?!? maybe there’s a team-up in store with that Spidery guy. Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath either…)

WESTFIELD COMICS is not responsible for the stupid things that KC says. especially that thing that really irritated you. What about Human Porcupine Jimmy? Or Monstrous Beard growth Jimmy? Or Human Octopus? Or Morbidly Obese Jimmy? I bet you think I’m making these up, don’t you?

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