IDW as well as Hasbro team for a hint Comic

IDW as well as toy business Hasbro have had a productive connection in the past. Hasbro has My bit pony as well as Transformers, among other properties, which have been successful comics from IDW.

Now, IDW has revealed an upcoming comic based on a Hasbro residential or commercial property that’s a bit much more of a stretch. The five-issue hint series introduces in June.

I’ll be extremely curious to see what method they take with this. will it be an actual deducible mystery? Or will they put much more emphasis on the characters — miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, professor Plum, as well as the others — as the film did? The press release phone calls it “a comedic spin”, written by Paul Allor with art by Nelson Dániel.

Michael Kelly, director of publishing at Hasbro, offers a few much more hints in his quote: “Clue is one of Hasbro’s many renowned brands for great reason — it’s a fun murder secret idea full of vibrant characters…. visitors will like complying with together with the story as well as trying to unravel the secret of the case.”

They’re likewise continuing the alternating ending concept from the film, with problem one featuring three alternating endings, depending upon the variant cover. integrated with the restricted length, that makes this series a great option to checked out in the eventual collected edition.

You understand what I want to see next? The Uncle Moneybags character from the Monopoly game utilized in a series of comic strips with gags poking fun at the super-rich.

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