As the world continues to mourn Chadwick Boseman, comic speculators are investing heavily in the first appearance of Shuri. now Black Panther #2 is raking in huge numbers.


There has always been speculation surrounding Shuri. In the comics, she took up the mantle of Black Panther for a time, and there have been rumors that she would do the same on motion picture screens.

After Boseman’s shocking and tragic death on August 28, the Black Panther film franchise’s future became uncertain. Black Panther 2 remains on the MCU schedule, and marvel Studios has said the film will continue as planned. However, as of mid-September, marvel has not made anything official relating to the role of T’Challa. different comic-related sites have reported that the part will not be recast, but nothing is certain until marvel chief Kevin Feige tells us the future plan.


One way or another, someone will have to take over as Black Panther, whether in the role of T’Challa or an entirely new Black Panther. considering that filming had not yet begun on the sequel due to the coronavirus pandemic, that policies out using footage of Boseman in the part. That leaves the big question – who will fill Boseman’s shoes? 

All signs point to Shuri.

From the beginning of the franchise, there has been speculation that marvel would pass the torch to her. This has led to theories that those plans will be put on the fast track in the sequel. 

The idea of Shuri becoming the next Black Panther has made her 2005 debut issue one of the hottest comics on the market, and the prices continue to inflate with each passing day. For the past 90 days, it has averaged $476, which is a lot more than twice its 2019 fair market value. Here’s the current data.


Although a relative newcomer to the comic world, Shuri’s role in the MCU has given her a modest following. The speculation that she will become the onscreen Black Panther and queen of Wakanda has put her debut issue on a consistent diet of steroids.

Even before Boseman’s passing, this was a sought after comic thanks to her MCU role. Graded at a 9.8, BP #2 earned a fair market value of $258 with 77 recorded sales in 2018. as with a lot of movie-related inflation, prices dipped the following year. Still, it was generating a respectable $193 over 57 sales.  prior to August 28, it was holding its own with 46 sales and normally selling in the $150-$200 range. then news broke of Boseman’s death, and speculators pounced on this issue.

From August 28 to September 15, there have been 30 online sales of graded copies, bringing it to just one shy of 2018’s total. just a day after word spread, a 9.8 set a record high with an $800 sale and routinely reached the $700 mark. 

So far, September has seen the 9.8 average over $600. What is more, is that it has only sold for less than $595 twice in 20 sales this month. 


Look for prices to continue inflating at least until there is an official word on the status of Black Panther. Obviously, the wind will be taken from BP #2’s sails if T’Challa is recast, but Shuri becoming Black Panther seems to be the most logical choice. 


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