R.I.P. JOE KUBERT 1926-2012

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Sgt. rock by Joe Kubert

Legendary designer Joe Kubert has passed away at age 85. Kubert’s work has included Viking Prince, Tarzan, and what lots of fans consider definitive runs on Hawkman and Sgt. Rock. In recent years, he has also done a lot more personal books such as Fax From Sarajevo and Jew Gangster, while remaining involved with superheroes including inking his kid Andy’s pencils on before Watchmen: Nite Owl. In 1976, he and his wife, Muriel, founded The Kubert school (originally called the Joe Kubert school of cartoon and graphic Art) to train artists, focusing on Cartooning and graphic Art. lots of of comics’ top artists have graduated from the Kubert School. He is also the daddy of artists Andy Kubert and Adam Kubert.

We extend our condolences to Joe’s family and friends. and thank you Joe, for your body of work which brought excellence to comics and great happiness to lots of readers.

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