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Jonathan Hickman’s Giant-Size X-Men:Jean Grey as well as Emma Frost



Highlights This Week: Writer Jonathan Hickman brings back the Giant-Size X-Men title that very first introduced us all to such prominent characters as Storm, Nightcrawler as well as Colossus as a series of five one-shots. Each one will focus on different characters as well as produced together with a different artist beginning in this week’s Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 with artist Russell Dauterman (The Mighty Thor, war of the Realms)! When storm is in danger, it’s going to take two of the most powerful telepaths on earth working together to make things right. Jean Grey as well as Emma Frost, together once again for the great of Krakoa! Also from marvel Comics, 2020 force works #1 (of 3), outstanding Spider-Man #40, outstanding Spider-Man: everyday Bugle #2 (of 5), Ant-Man #2 (of 5), Avengers #31, Avengers/Defenders: Tarot #3 (of 4), Avengers of the Wastelands #2 (of 5), Falcon & wintertime Solider #1 (of 5), great Four: Grimm Noir #1, Ghost Rider #5, new Mutants #8, Ravencroft #2 (of 5), Spider-Ham #3 (of 5), star #2 (of 5), star Wars #3, X-Force #8, X-Men #7 as well as X-Men great four #2 (of 4)! Noteworthy from DC Comics, action Comics #1020, amethyst #1 (of 6), Basketful of heads #5 (of 7), Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7 (of 8), Batman Superman #7, dilemma On limitless Earths gigantic #2, Detective Comics #1020, far market #4 (of 12), Last God #5, Leviathan Dawn #1, Shazam! #11, suicide Squad #3, Swamp thing gigantic #3; as well as question lady #752!  And, IDW provides the newest Turtle her own mini-series in teen Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika #1 (of 3)!

Novelty Highlights: marvel graphic Comics Box: Wolverine, DC Heroes Dark Knight metal Magnets, Venom secret Minis, POP! Artists: Leonardo Da Vinci vinyl Figure, POP! Marvel: very first appearance Spider-Man & Kingpin, Black Widow (Street & White Suits),Taskmaster W/ Shield, Venom Groot, Venom Miles Morales & Venom Punisher vinyl Figures, star Wars Jedi sign chunky Magnet; as well as vinyl soda ad icon count Chocula vinyl Figure!


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Marvel Comics

2020 force works #1

Amazing Spider-Man #40

Amazing Spider-Man: everyday Bugle #2

Ant-Man #2

Avengers #31

Tarot #3

Avengers of the Wastelands #2

Black Panther #21

Blade by Guggenheim total Collection SC

Dawn of X Vol. 02 SC

Excalibur legendary Collection: Curiouser as well as Curiouser SC

Falcon & wintertime Soldier #1

Fantastic Four: Grimm Noir #1

Future foundation SC

Ghost Rider #5

Giant size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1

Guardians of the Galaxy PVC Figural Coin Bank: Groot

Invaders Vol. 02: Dead in the Water SC

Jessica Jones: Blind area #4

Legends of Marvel: X-Men SC

Marvel Comics Flexfit Cap: logo (Neo)

Marvel graphic Comic Boxes: Wolverine (Bundle of 5)

Marvel Heroes vs. Villains Spiralbound

Marvel Masters of Suspense: Lee & Ditko Omnibus Vol. 02 HC

Marvel Monograph: Art of Arthur Adams SC

Mystery Minis Venom Blind secret Box

New Mutants #8

Pop! marvel 80th very first appearance vinyl Figure: Spider-Man

Pop! marvel vinyl Figure: Black Widow – Black Widow (Street)

Pop! marvel vinyl Figure: Black Widow – Black Widow (White Suit)

Pop! marvel vinyl Figure: Black Widow – Taskmaster (w/Shield)

Pop! marvel vinyl Figure: Venom Groot

Pop! marvel vinyl Figure: Venom Miles Morales

Pop! marvel vinyl Figure: Venom Punisher S3

Pop! marvel Bobble-Head 550: marvel 80 Years – Kingpin

Pop! marvel great four Specialty series vinyl Figure: Human Torch

Punisher: Soviet #4

Ravencroft #2

Scream: Curse of Carnage #4

Spider-Ham #3

Star #2

Star Wars #3

Strikeforce Vol. 01 SC

True Believers: Iron guy 2020 – war maker #1

Unbeatable Squirrel woman Vol. 12 SC

Wolverine by Claremont & Buscema Facsimile edition #1

Wolverine: child of Wolverine SC

X-Force #8

X-Men #7

X-Men / great four #2

X-Men Milestones: operation Zero Tolerance SC

DC Comics

Action Comics #1020

Amethyst #1

Basketful of heads #5

Batgirl #44

Batman beyond #41

Batman: damaged City SC (new edition)

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7

Batman Overdrive SC

Batman / Superman #7

Books of Magic #17

Crisis on limitless Earths gigantic #2

DC Cover women Statue: Batgirl by Frank Cho

DC Heroes Dark Knight metal 36-Piece Magnet Assortment

Detective Comics #1020

Dial H for Hero #12

Dollar Comics: amethyst #1 (1985)

Dollar Comics: Flash #1 (1987)

Far market #4

Flash #123 Facsimile Edition

Flash of two Worlds Deluxe edition HC

John Constantine: Hellblazer #4

Justice league Dark #20

Last God #5

Leviathan Dawn #1

Pop! town vinyl Figure: Batman 80th – Wayne Manor (w/Alfred)

Red Hood: Outlaw #43

Shazam! #11

Suicide Squad #3

Swamp thing gigantic #3Tales from the Dark Multiverse HC

Wonder lady #752

Wonder lady by Gail Simone Omnibus HC

Year of the Villain: hell Arisen #3

Image Comics

Death or Glory #9 (cover A – Bengal)

Heart assault #4

Ice cream guy #18 (cover A – Morazzo & O’Halloran)

Killadelphia #4 (cover A – Alexander)

Monstress #26

Olympia #4 (cover A – Diotto & Cunniffe)

Protector #2

Redneck #26

Sex Criminals #27

Weatherman Vol. 02 SC

Boom! Studios

Angel #9 (cover A – Panosian)

Folklords #4

Jim Henson: underneath Dark Crystal Vol. 03 HC

Jim Henson: Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance #6 (cover A – Finden)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #48 (cover A – Campbell)

Something Is killing the kids Vol. 01: find now SC

Dark equine Comics

Complete Elfquest Vol. 07 SC

Little Mermaid #3

Frankenstein Undone #2 (cover A – Stenbeck)

Hidden society #1 (cover A – Albuquerque)

Invisible Kingdom #10

Stephen McCranies area kid Vol. 06 SC

Tomorrow #1

Witchfinder: regime of Darkness #4

Dynamite Entertainment

Black fear #5 (cover A – Rahzzah)

Chastity #5 (cover A – Nodet)

George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of King #2 (cover A – Miller)

Kiss: Zombies #4 (cover A – Suydam)

Red Sonja as well as Vampirella satisfy Betty as well as Veronica #9 (cover A – Dalton)

IDW Publishing

Dying Is simple #3 (cover A – Simmonds)

Kill Lock #3

My bit Pony: friendship Is Magic #87 (cover A – Fleecs)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika #1 (cover A – Revel)

Usagi Yojimbo color classics #2

Other Publishers

Amazing WWII stories GN

Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics digest #281

Black Clover Vol. 20 GN

Black stars above #4

Cavewoman: Habroks Witch #1 (cover A – Massey)

Dark Ark: After the flood #3

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 11 GN

Finger guns #1 (cover A – flip Cover)

Kidz #2 (cover A – Cristobal)

Knights of the dinner Table #271

Lady Death: Scorched earth #1

Laurel & Hardy satisfy three Stooges #1 (cover A – Shanower)

Mirka Andolfo’s Un/Sacred #4 (cover A – Mirka Andolfo)

Ogres #4

One Punch guy Vol. 19 GN

Pop! artists vinyl Figure: Leonardo Da Vinci

Rocketeer Premiere Statue

Promised Neverland Vol. 14 GN

Quantum & Woody [2020] #2 (cover A – Nakayama)

Rick & Morty #59 (cover A – Ellerby)

Rose of Versailles Vol. 01 HC

Second Coming Vol. 01 SC

Snow White with Red Hair Vol. 06 GN

Star Wars chunky Magnet: Jedi Symbol

Star Wars Manga: The Legends of Luke Skywalker GN

Tank woman Vol. 02: storage tank woman permanently SC

Ultimate Superhero motion picture guide HC

Vinyl soda vinyl Figure: ad icon – count Chocula

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