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Chuck Jones: The dream That never Was

Kurtis Findlay is an animation blogger. He likewise conceived the concept of a book focusing on animation legend Chuck Jones’ little-known comic strip, Crawford. The result is the library of American Comics’ Chuck Jones: The dream That never Was, edited by Dean Mullaney as well as Kurtis Findlay; created by Lorraine Turner; with an essay by Kurtis Findlay; as well as published by IDW. Westfield’s Roger Ash just recently contacted Kurtis to discover a lot more about this interesting new book.


Westfield: For those who don’t understand him by name, who is Chuck Jones?

Kurtis Findlay: Chuck Jones is finest understood for his work as an animation director for the Looney Tunes as well as Merrie Melodies cartoons from the forties as well as fifties. any individual whose youth included Saturday morning cartoons has definitely seen a Chuck Jones cartoon, even if they may not recognize it. among the most prominent are One Froggy Evening, What’s Opera Doc, as well as Duck Amuck. during his thirty years at Warner Bros., he produced lots of original characters, including the road Runner as well as Wile. E. Coyote, Pepe Le Pew, Marvin the Martian, as well as lots of others. His films have won many awards as well as Oscars, as well as his 1966 television adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ exactly how the Grinch Stole Christmas has ended up being a holiday classic. He was a dazzling artist as well as a excellent thinker. Animator Carl Bell explains him as “a absolutely innovative person in any way times, as well as in all places.”

A Crawford Sunday proof

Westfield: This is a job that even fans of Jones may not have heard of. What is Crawford?

Findlay: In 1978, Chuck Jones composed as well as drew a everyday syndicated newspaper strip about a group of school-age kids who contemplate life, existence as well as growing up. The primary protagonist as well as titular character is Crawford, a red-headed, eight-year-old intellectual who, in lots of ways, embodies lots of of Jones’s character traits. Jones was always difficult himself – intellectually as well as creatively – as well as Crawford was a possibility for him to try out a medium that he hadn’t tried before. The composing leans a lot more to the philosophical, drawing on lots of of the traditional tongue-in-cheek thinkers, like Mark Twain, who Jones greatly admired. as well as of course, Chuck’s drawings are just as captivating as ever. His experience as an animator brought Crawford’s creative high quality to a level above the typical strip of the time.

A Crawford comic strip

Jones’ command of body language is on screen in this strip.

A previously unpublished Crawford strip

Unfortunately, the comic strip had its fair share of issues as well as didn’t even last a full year. The book will take visitors with the journey of exactly how the world-renowned artist came to draw for newspapers, as well as why the strip ended before it had the possibility to take off. We will reprint Crawford’s entire six-month run, and as a special treat, we have also included unpublished strips as well as lots of of Chuck’s preliminary sketches as well as unused gags. This will be the conclusive book on the subject.

A Crawford storyboard

Westfield: aside from the comic strip, what will visitors discover in the book?

Findlay: Crawford’s origins begin nearly twenty years before its 1978 newspaper debut. Jones originally established the character for television in the sixties however it never made it past the idea stage. Chuck Jones: The dream That never Was will present a behind-the-scenes look at Chuck’s original proposal, supplemented with a treasure trove of never before seen Crawford idea art, including an entire storyboarded episode. fans of Chuck Jones’s art will marvel at the riches of drawings we’ve uncovered.

A baseball sketch

Crawford character sketches

The book will likewise go over Jones’s post-Warner career, highlighting the films he created at his own studio, Tower Twelve, which later ended up being MGM Animation/Visual Arts, as well as exactly how Crawford fits into the picture.

A Crawford Sunday strip

Westfield: What makes this book interesting to you?

Findlay: I very first discovered about Crawford while reading Chuck Jones’s Wikipedia entry. “From 1977-1978, Jones composed as well as drew the syndicated comic strip Crawford (also understood as Crawford & Morgan) for the Chicago Tribune-NY news Syndicate.” That was it; a single sentence. I longed to understand more, however might onlydiscover two examples of the strip online. It isn’t discussed in any type of of the books on Chuck Jones, including his two autobiographies.

Crawford satisfies a new friend

I started to do some investigating as well as swiftly discovered that nobody truly understood anything about Crawford. with different interviews with Tower Twelve employees, household members as well as even his editors from the Chicago Tribune, I’ve been able to piece together a history that will give this previously unknown strip some much needed attention.

A sketch of Crawford’s two pet dog characters, Shep & Ralf.

Jones returns to his Warner Bros. roots for this gag.

Dean Mullaney, Creative director of the library of American Comics, shares my vision as well as has been instrumental in creating this book. Dean, himself a Jones fan, felt that a comic strip, even one that failed, by such a noteworthy cartoonist as Jones, should have a area in the library of American Comics.

Sketches of Crawford

Westfield: any type of closing comments?

Findlay: This will be a Chuck Jones book unlike any type of other. nearly all of the art has been reproduced from Chuck’s originals. I motivate everybody to inspect out our official webpage, , as well as “like” our Facebook page, , where you will discover examples of the unusual Chuck Jones art that will be included in Chuck Jones: The dream That never Was. This is a must-have for fans of animation, comic strips and, of course, Chuck Jones. You will not want to miss it when it hits stores in November.


Chuck Jones: The dream That never Was

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