$50 vulture VS. $3,800 vulture

Today we look at three different vulture comic books at three extremely different cost points for collectors flying at different heights.



$ – Affordable

At the lower end of the vulture market is remarkable Spider-Man #387. The striking cover art by mark Bagley as well as Randy Emberlin features a young vulture total with a full head of red hair while he drains the energy out of an old-aged Spider-Man. In the story, the system that enables this improvement situation to play out is the Juvenator maker created by a Dr. Benita Sanchez (who makes her very first appearance just one problem prior to ASM #386).

In the last three years, CGC 9.8s of remarkable Spider-Man #387 routinely offer for around the $50 level. Optimistically, the market value can’t truly go much lower; generally covering the expense of slabbing as well as shipping. Furthermore, on the very, very, extremely off possibility that Sony/Marvel Studios ever reboots the present iteration of the vulture to a young new thespian, this book might benefit. chances of that happening? I’d state a lot more like one out of a million. So you’re telling me there’s a chance.


Vulture Fact: The largest vulture types in the world, the Andean condor can have a wingspan as much as 3.3 meters.



$$ – Moderate

In the middle market variety is remarkable Spider-Man #48. The cover art by John Romita Sr. features the vulture seen from behind with his deal with obscured; spoiler alert, it is none other than Raniero “Blackie” Drago who makes his very first appearance as the Vulture. While in prison, Drago techniques his dying cellmate Adrian Toomes into exposing where his vulture fit was hidden. Drago escapes as well as goes on rather the criminal offense spree as the new Vulture. His success in a fight against Spider-Man even draws the jealousy of fellow villain Kraven the Hunter.

For this book, we’ll be checking out the market for the CGC grades comprising the top 10-20% of the CGC census; specifically, CGC 9.4-9.2 which has an FMV variety of $425-$400. Over the last decade, sales costs have trended upwards slowly as well as steadily. The returns with respect to portion were much better at the lower 9.2 grade than 9.4 grade; a difference of approximately 2x vs 1.5x. One fascinating irregularity, the sales volume for 9.4s noticeably decreased after mid-2014; as lots of offered in the 2.5 years from 2012 to mid-2014, as did during the 6 years from mid-2014 to mid-2020.



$$$ – Expensive

At the high end of the vulture variety is, without surprise, his very first appearance crucial of remarkable Spider-Man #2. The high flying costs for this book are definitely likewise additionally assisted by the low problem number within the remarkable Spider-Man series; it’s as low as you can get without it being the #1. three different vulture cost points have likewise brought us three different cover artists; with ASM #2’s being Steve Ditko. In the story, Peter Parker is tasked by J. Jonah Jameson to get photos of NYC’s newest fashion jewelry thief, the Vulture.

Looking at a similar top 10-20% of the CGC census, we focus on the grading variety of CGC 7.5-6.5, which currently has an FMV of $3,800-$3,200. Overall, the market outlook for this book is extremely positive, as well as quickly the very best out of all three books featured here. The sales costs are high, however waiting on a big dip to buy-in might be a error as it has shown a long history of sluggish as well as consistent growth. This accelerated around late-2016.




Surprisingly, of the grades observed, the percent returns of remarkable Spider-Man #2 (CGC 7.5-6.5) were just somewhat higher than those of the above remarkable Spider-Man #48 (CGC 9.4-9.2). With a middling cost point, remarkable Spider-Man #48 might offer an fascinating investment opportunity. approved you’d have to step a larger volume. Additionally, the market activity of a broader grading variety for ASM #48 would requirement to be taken a look at to confirm.


“I fought Daredevil. I was in the Sinister Six. I’m faster, stronger, as well as smarter than a hundred guy my age. No flunky with a pistol gets the decrease on me.” – Vulture


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