A Voice in the Dark Cancelled

A Voice in the Dark was an appealing series by Larime Taylor published by picture Comics. It was the story of a young lady going to college, where she was a night DJ. She was likewise a murderer. We’d see her thoughts as she pondered whether somebody deserved to be killed or exactly how she set up an alibi. It was a unique, disturbing portrait. a lot of amazingly, the artist produced everything utilizing his mouth, considering that Taylor is disabled.

The series began in late 2013 (after a couple of previous Kickstarters) as well as ran for seven issues. The very first collection reprinted them all last summer, before a new miniseries, A Voice in the Dark: get Your gun relaunched in September. A second problem came out in January, however it appears that that will be all, considering that diamond listings problems #3-5 as “cancelled by publisher”.

That’s not surprising. The book had a unique look, because of its digital creation, without the type of detail or slickness some picture visitors look for. It was a difficult read, considering that it was tough to understand exactly how to feel about the lead character. It moved type of slowly sometimes. as well as the designer published a plea for assist in January 2014 as well as once again in August.

If you’re curious to see what it looked like, there are a number of pages in this blog interview. I’m sorry to see it go, since it was different as well as unusual. I must have talked about it before now, however considering that my evaluation would have been mixed, not glowing, when the news the book was in difficulty came out, it would have felt like stacking on.

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