The upcoming Harley film is to be based on Birds of Prey #1; though initially, it was going to follow the Gotham City Sirens #1 storyline. These two books both head in very different directions. Gotham City Sirens #1 centers around Catwoman and an upstart villain wanting to make a rep Bone-Blaster. then Poison Ivy and Harley get involved and all hell breaks loose. contrasting that to Birds of Prey #1 which is mainly about Oracle and a cooky pajama villain; one has the makings of a Hollywood hit, the other is a big swing and a miss. Unfortunately, if this is the original source material I sure hope they focus on Black Mask and his background. After all, Ewan McGregor can certainly “bring it” and his casting as the Black Mask may just save the entire undertaking. Which is the better speculation Birds of Prey #1 or Gotham City Sirens #1 ? will you sing with the Sirens or fly high with the Birds?

Gotham City Sirens #1 

This sultry trifecta has great writing and winning artists Gotham City Sirens #1 was created by Gulliem March, J.G. Jones, and Jesus Merino (pencils). The superbly fun script was written by Paul Dini and Ian Sattler (writers). These vixens can really kick butt. especially on the most recent pathetic supervillain whose first appearance is much more like the attack of a crazed fanboy. Bone-Blaster is laughable but in a very creative and original way. Can the Sirens sing a song of profit; or will they lure us to the rocks and wreck our fortunes like the ancient mariners?

Long-Term Returns

Grade 8.0 $42 FMV returns positive +140%

Grade 9.0 $65 FMV returns positive +19.2%

Grade 9.4 $75 FMV returns positive +15%

Grade 9.6 $95 FMV returns positive +0.3%

Grade 9.8 $160 FMV returns negative -13.8%

Birds of Prey #1

Oracle gets herself in way over her head with this good-natured story that reminds me of a bad Magnum P.I. episode (The Tom Selleck version of course). following the apparent storyline of the damsel in distress, the Birds of Prey #1 is off and running. The “Birds” were created by Chuck Dixon (script) with Greg Land and Brian Stelfreeze (pencils) in 1999. Which is probably why the storyline is not as fresh as the Sirens. That being said the art was ok and some story aspects were well developed. Can these predatory birds migrate toward profit? how do they stack up against the “Sirens?”




Long-Term Returns

Grade 9.0 $22 FMV returns positive (one sale $24 5/27/2019)

Grade 9.4 $50 FMV returns positive (one sale $55 11/21/2018)

Grade 9.6 $65 FMV returns positive +12.2% 

Grade 9.8 $65 FMV returns positive +47.8%


Analytically Gotham City Sirens #1  is the better book for three reasons.

The average sale price of the grades evaluated was higher GCS = $87.40 vs. BOP = $44.75. This equates to twice the value in half the time Sirens (GCS) was created in 2009 where Birds (BOP) had already been around for a decade. The Gotham City Sirens #1 is the stronger and much more popular book.

Furthermore, there have been 365 sales per GoCollect of Gotham City Sirens #1 vs Birds of Prey #1  which has only had 32 sales over twice as long, but simply a larger amount of data points for a much more accurate prediction of the future value.

The percentage returns Gotham City Sirens #1  returns are spread out even among lower grades. This is a sign the book is popular and sought after in any grade. The Birds of Prey #1 has a narrow band just in near mint/mint 9.8 range.


The original director planned was David Ayer. He had the best idea with the source material Gotham City Sirens #1. Unfortunately, we will not see his version anytime soon as DC films had a shakeup in leadership. then they disposed Ayer and choose Birds of Prey #1 as a title and potential source material with a different director. too bad, Ayer would have made it fun. The Gotham City Sirens #1 comic book captures the essence of Harley and gives us a newbie villain to beat up on. Further, there is real cohesion and subplot drama amidst the Sirens. There is only one clear choice here, sing the song of the Sirens, “it is the logical choice.”



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