who will be the great Four’s MCU villain? While a lot of collectors take goal at Doom as well as Galactus, keep your eyes on the Maker.

When it pertains to marvel variants, the great four virtually developed the concept. They have been venturing with time considering that the Silver Age before going into the Multiverse. We’ve seen variations galore in the pages of FF. Reed Richards has so lots of variants, they developed their own team, the Council of Reeds, however his a lot of fascinating alternating is the Maker.

The maker is the evil Reed Richards from Earth-1610, otherwise understood as the utmost marvel Universe. The maligned great four motion picture from 2015 was loosely based on the utmost FF, as well as Reed was depicted by Miles Teller. If marvel Studios goes the maker route, it might create something never seen in an FF film. potentially Teller might play a villainous Mister Fantastic. That would make the ‘15 FF motion picture his origin story as well as worth providing a second watch. It likewise would provide you a reason to gather these utmost FF issues.

ULTIMATE great four #1

The very first time we satisfied the future maker was, fittingly, in utmost FF #1. Of course, visitors didn’t understand that this version of Reed would ultimately turn evil mastermind. then again, that’s what made the utmost world so much fun; it enabled for total 180-degree turns for traditional characters. 

Like lots of of the utmost comics, UFF #1 is totally overlooked. There has only been one graded 9.8 offered on the internet this year, as well as that was in January for $46. costs were higher last year when an October sale brought $140 as well as December saw one more choose $81.


In the utmost universe, Reed Richards took a turn toward the dark side as well as ended up being The Maker. While the very first appearance of utmost Mister great would likewise be the Maker’s debut, utmost Doom #4 is when he genuinely ended up being the villainous Reed. Here, Johnny storm burns part of Reed’s face, as well as that disfigurement would cause the Maker’s unique look that echoes physician Doom. 

If you are building your maker set, this needs to be on the list. There are no graded sales on record, however a raw copy brought $10.99 on may 2.


The cycle was completed in this problem from 2011. The shift from great person Reed Richards to the evil maker in Ultimates #2. After his burns from Human Torch, Mister great was formally attended to as the Maker, a name that would stick from that moment forward. even after he shown up on Earth-616, the moniker would assist separate him from the traditional Reed Richards. 

Maker had been defeated earlier, however he returned here, having produced The City as well as led an army of superhumans called the kids of Tomorrow. While trapped in the N-Zone, Reed spent 1,000 years in the far-off future, however his powers kept him from aging. It’s likewise when he got his xenomorph-inspired helmet since he actually stretched his head to enable his brain to grow larger. 

Again, here’s one more addition to your maker collections that you can discover in the dollar bin. There are no graded sales on record, as well as raw copies offer for less than $5 on eBay.


Marvel Studios might have its next major villain on its hands. Miles Teller as the maker wreaking havoc in the MCU would be magical. He might be Marvel’s response to Lex Luthor, however instead of focusing on one hero, the maker might be a danger to them all. 

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