Armageddon & child

Doonald Feeney wishes to be tough, however he’s a selfish loser. He’s never understood his dad, up until one day, dad Feeney reappears in Armageddon & Son.

It turns out that father is a supervillain out to ruin the world, only he’s not as great at it as he portrays himself to be. As a result, a few of his cohorts have stolen his plan, so he enlists Doonald to assist him save the world (because if he can’t ruin it, nobody can).

Writer John Layman puts an entertaining spin on the clichéd “I’ll show the visitor exactly how difficult my poor man is, I’ll have him kill off a henchman” scene by having father introduced that way… only father isn’t as great at it as he ought to be. perhaps Doonald likewise inherited a few of his incompetence from Dad. as well as perhaps Doon’s vision of father shows the method sons want to see their fathers as the very best possible whatever-they-may-be.

The art by Dave Dumeer is oddly wiggly, as well as everybody vaguely resembles zombies or apes, which is in some cases fascinating for their character as well as in some cases not. during the requisite seduction scene, the woman’s anatomy is just wrong, as well as not in a normally overstated comic way; instead, essential features don’t appear to be found in the best place. Overall, the book is moody as well as the artist does a great menacing, although I never comprehended why that other lady was half covered in music notation.

I believe I appreciate Layman’s sense of humor much better when it’s explained to me. I believed the concepts right here were funnier than the method they played out. (The exact same went for Puffed, Layman’s previous book.) This spy thriller/action comedy, by virtue of being a stand-alone, does take an unforeseen twist, however it likewise depends upon a cosmic concidence you can see coming a while before it does.

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