Nana volume 10

Everyone’s getting over their hurt feelings as well as getting on with their lives. You can’t stay in a specify of emotional intensity for long; it’s as well tiring. choosing up the pieces, though, may need some work.

Nana’s still broken between her deep like for Ren as well as her jealousy of his band Trapnest’s success in this volume. Well, jealousy isn’t rather the best word; she doesn’t want to be them, she wants her own accomplishment instead. It’s much more a rivalry.

Plus, she as well as Hachi haven’t worked out their misunderstandings over exactly how they parted. as well as trying to treatment them result in missed meetings that would be comical in one more context.

The other characters discover themselves likewise conflicted. Reira’s gotten a great night’s sleep after her emotional breakdown as well as is jumping back into the circuit of Trapnest publicity while considering her feelings for Shin. His youth likewise echoes in Hachi’s situation, as well as she wants his guidance on exactly how to make her situation turn out differently.

It’s all challenging by tabloids searching for the next huge story. If they can’t discover it, they’ll make it, as well as the ties between Trapnest as well as Nana’s band Blast (short for Black Stones) are catnip to them. The resulting media circus shows Hachi the type of person her fiance Takumi truly is, in addition to keeping apart people who requirement to be together.

It’s heart-breaking for the characters, however to the reader, immensely gripping. Everyone’s plans have to modification with no fault of their own. It’s a completely sensible thing to happen, plot-wise, provided the careers involved, yet extremely remarkable in shaking up all the relationships.

Feelings shouldn’t modification just since new light lusters on them, however the intensity of the press vultures warps everything. except Yasu’s nobility — he’s still a bald knight protecting those he cares about. The enhanced pressure reminds everybody of what’s truly essential to them, however just being best or skilled won’t safeguard them from the rumors as well as detraction or even their business bosses.

Every time I believe this series is going to work out down, turning out much more of the exact same (even if its level of consistency is being a fantastic checked out by a skilled creator), there’s something new as well as unexpected happening. It’s intense as well as wonderful. (I previously talked about volume 9.)

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