Aria volume 4

After some trouble, I lastly discovered a copy of the current chapter of this stunning series.

As volume 4 begins, it’s summertime on Aqua, as well as Akari as well as her fellow gondolier trainees Aika as well as Alice holiday on a little island. Yes, it’s a bathing fit chapter, however the clothes are reasonable, as well as instead of body parts, the emphasis is on the fun as well as relaxation of the beach. The younger women have never swum in an ocean before, as well as their feelings of happiness as well as discovery are evident in the art.

The crucial message of the series is spelled out here, too. Akari enjoys life so much since she selects to be happy. It’s that basic … as well as a terrific tip to the visitor of exactly how to stop as well as relax.

The second story may be a hazy dream, about Akari as well as the feline president Aria wandering with hot summertime streets. Amano plays with mirage as well as illusion as Akari encounters a hidden awesome location populated by cats, in a mystical story that reminds me of a few of the early tales in the series.

The book likewise includes a chapter introducing the fourth type of fairy. The gondoliers are undines; the warm engineers salamanders; as well as the gravity controllers gnomes. What about air spirits? Akari satisfies a sylph, a shipment person on an airbike. one more story takes the women on holiday to satisfy the legendary finest undine of all, who’s now a grandmotherly type living in the country. While Aika keeps deceiving herself, seeking training, the genuine lesson is once again the requirement for fun as well as enjoyment. (When this story was made into an episode of the anime, strangely, they set it in autumn instead of summer.)

This entry in the series has it all: the peaceful question that’s the bedrock charm of the books; exploration of the world’s mythology; fantasy, action, humor, astounding art. The only thing I’m left wondering is why every character’s name begins with an A.

Here’s hoping that Tokyopop continues the series. however even if they don’t, the last story, featuring all the characters celebrating a fireworks celebration on a riverboat, is a charming note to end on. Everyone’s delighted in the very best holiday ever.

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