one of the most significant bands from Down Under, INXS had their first gig on August 16, 1977. They started as a cover band so it’s fitting to celebrate them with a bunch of covers! Here’s their top 15 songs, covered!

Please leave a comment if I missed any good ones, or if you just appreciate the compilation!

We’ll kick it off with #15 to #13, then hit “next” for the rest!

15. beautiful Girl

Pickin’ like Thieves: Bluegrass Interpretations of INXS by The Hitmaker + Hayward & Friends
14. Disappear
Believe it or not, I couldn’t find a single good cover of this song. So, here’s Mike and the band doing it.

13. Don’t Change
Live track: direct mp3 download by Michael Franti and Spearhead

Summer EP by Bon Chat, Bon Rat
The best Years Of Our Lives (2015) by waiting for Words
Covers (Remastered) by The velvet Ants
Nyx & Utter shit by funeral Moon

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