Media release — The countdown begins! Misty has simple minutes before she should turn herself over to Badlug as well as ended up being his bride, or else he’ll shed the city as well as its people to the ground. prince Pete is out for the count; the only sword that can kill Badlug is lost; as well as a dragon waits impatiently to let loose its fire. All hope may be lost—unless Misty as well as the citizens of Grimoire can make one last stand.ANOTHER CASTLE #5
(W) Andrew Wheeler
(A/C/CA) Paulina Ganucheau
ALTERNATE COVER illustrated by Kris Anka
AGE RANGE: 8 as well as up
GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure
PRICE: $3.99

Praise for one more CASTLE

“The trendy as well as vibrant art already makes it stand apart from a bulk of what’s on the shelf, as well as the story is similarly refreshing. […] It’s a story that might not come at a much more appropriate time in geekdom.” IGN

“It’s a interesting twist on a familiar trope, as well as one that fits into a extremely appealing pattern of indie comic series that accept female empowerment as well as ’90s nostalgia.”

“One of 2016’s many buzzworthy books […]” Paste Magazine

“The finest thing about Misty? She doesn’t feel like she has to select between being quite as well as being tough—she’s always prepared to jump into action, even in her finest dress.” teen Vogue

9 OUT OF 10 REVIEW: “[…] the story fits well along the line of women-centric fantasy comic books like Princeless, Princess Ugg as well as Rat Queens while still being its own thing. Wheeler as well as Ganucheau have produced a bright as well as fun world that is simple to get lost in as well as makes you root for your heroes best off the bat.” graphic Policy

4.5 OUT OF 5 REVIEW: “It’s sharply written, gorgeously illustrated as well as packed with humour, intelligence as well as essential messages that never come across as preachy. seek this out, inspect your preconceptions at the door, as well as say thanks to me later.” huge Comic Page

“[…] refreshingly progressive, refreshingly kid-friendly, as well as many importantly, refreshingly fun. purchase this for a prince or princess in your life—just be sure to treat yourself to it first.” AIPT!

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