THE finest albums OF 2017 (so far)

Okay, we’re halfway with the year. as well as in the next half, the majors will likely be dropping their biggest albums, hoping to grab up all the Black Friday money. (As if anyone still buys music!) as well as that means its time to look at what’s hot so far in 2017.

Quick as well as dirty: My twenty preferred albums of the year so far, and, as always, I provide indie albums a considerable edge over the label releases. This blog is truly about independent music, tunes made without huge budgets, however sometimes artists get with since their work is so DAMN good. (Foreshadowing.)

This is going to be a truly tough year for lists, since there have been so many truly incredible records released so far…

20. lucky woman by Deb Talan. I’m providing the bottom slot, knocking out some tough contenders, to a bit people singer who won my heart with a wonderful bit tribute to U2 from a record that’s full of gems like this…

19. false youth Etcetera Vol. 1 by Roadkill Ghost Choir (EP). I question you’ve heard many albums such as this one before. as well as if you have, please share them with me. This is just the very first half of their record, which they are prereleasing as two digital EPs.
False youth Etcetera Vol.1 by Roadkill Ghost Choir
18. Herstory by young M.a. It may not be as polished as the other work on this list, however that’s part of what makes it great: A female rapper who states raw, as well as doesn’t resort to R&B hooks. And, an out lesbian to boot.

17. Pumarosa by The Witch. one of the most interesting debuts of 2017, as well as proof that there are still new locations for rock as well as roll to go.

Hit next for more!

16. Diabolical Bastard Billionaire brilliant by Isa Muhammad. Homeless-man-turned-rapper comes out with some tough, mindful jams. I’m expecting much more from him.

15. What Our Enemies understand by minor Moon (EP). It’s not fair to enable EPs to contend here, since they’re so much shorter, however the soaring, contemplative pop tunes on this are all so strong it gets a place. It proves pop music can have weight, as well as still be pop. Looking ahead to a full release.

14. Guppy by Charly Bliss. Whatever this is, if you’re into the 1990s, you’ll fucking like it. begin to finish, however it denies simple classification.
Guppy by Charly Bliss
13. volume One by BNQT. as well as indie rock supergroup, with a lot of radio-ready, soft rock tunes. nothing wrong with mellow rock.

12. painting photos by Kodak Black. Kodak seems incapable of doing anything wrong musically. as well poor he can’t stay out of jail.

11. everybody by Logic. My son’s preferred rapper lastly comes out with a appropriate album–not just a collection of singles. Very, extremely strong work by an artist who has been working on his craft for the much better part of a decade, as well as is prepared for the next level.
Everybody by Logic
10. prisoner by Ryan Adams. I like this album now, however when I very first heard it, I didn’t. I believed it was good, as well as great for Ryan Adams is great enough, however then I saw him online as well as realized–wow. These tunes smoke as well as burn.

9. lost on You by LP. A fantastic collection of tunes by a singer/songwriter who, up until now, was material to exist in the shadows, composing for others.

8. 4:44 by Jay-Z. I’ve only had a few days with this record. I’m sure I’ll like it even more as I listen more. This is some adult stuff from the very best rapper alive. It’s political, it’s smart, it pulls no punches, as well as Hova clearly provides no shits about airplay.

7. The never story by J.I.D. J Cole’s latest discovery is one of the most popular new voices in rap. He ain’t no “harmony thug,” it’s genuine rap–just a guy as well as a mic, simple beats, as well as production that doesn’t distract from his wordplay.

6. My moment by Tee Grizzlee. Fresh out of prison with hardass words to say. Bluster, violence, genuine gangsta shit.

You’ve most likely guessed at least 2 of the top 5, however hit next to be sure you’re right!

5. City music by Kevin Morby. Every track is beautiful. You can get lost in his voice, however don’t–his guitarwork is extraordinary.
City music by Kevin Morby
4. hot thoughts by Spoon. My preferred working band puts out one more album of great material. every time I hear a Spoon album I believe it’s the very best one they’ve ever done.

3. Dragonfly by Kasey Chambers. It was extremely difficult for me not to have Spoon as my #1, or my #2…And Kasey takes #3 because, other than the Grateful Dead, she is the very first artist I have ever seen twice in the exact same year. This album is tremendous–and not almost sufficient people have heard it. as well as hearing her play “I Ain’t No bit Girl” online will make your head explode.

2. DAMN by Kendrick Lamar. This is topping everyones’ lists. as well as with great reason.

1. The Nashville noise by Jason Isbell. I don’t understand Isbell’s latest record willnull

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